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Imperial Torte

Chocolate. Almonds. Marzipan. Culinary Delight.


Vienna in 1873. The young scullion at the Hotel Imperial, Xaver Loibner, can’t sleep and lies awake the whole night. Emperor Franz Joseph I himself is scheduled to open the luxurious Hotel Imperial on April 28th. The young man has a vision. He would like to create a unique, inimitable cake for his majesty. He secretly gets to work in the bakery. The result: a noticeable square cake that has never been there before and which makes the emperor so curious that he has a piece served to him. The birth of an imperial master confection!


To this day, the original recipe is top secret. The unique Viennese Imperial Torte has been made by hand for decades. Over the years, the first composition has been enriched by 2 further variations, which we would like to tempt you to taste. So much is revealed: crunchy flaked almonds, the finest marzipan, airy chocolate buttercream, oranges and raspberries – exquisite ingredients processed with the utmost care result in unique enjoyment / exclusive cake variations. A confection goes around the world!