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Original Viennese Snow Globes

Erwin Perzy I was a surgical instrument mechanic and inventor in those days. Among other things, he experimented with a so-called cobbler’s ball as he searched for cold light in order to increase the light output of the at that time new carbon filament lamp. This cobbler’s ball was a water-filled ball made of glas with a tubular end and acted like a magnifying glass. Erwin Perzy I added various substances to the glass ball that were supposed to reflect the light, such as grit, which slowly sank down in the water. This effect reminded him of falling snow. At the same time, he had already made a model of the Mariazell Basilica for a friend, which he put into the ball based on an spontaneous idea – he called his invention “glass ball with snow effect”, and the first original Viennese snow ball was born. A side note by the way: the well-known “Wiener Silvesterguß” is also one of his inventions. Inspired by the old tradition of pouring lead on New Year’s Eve, he wanted to find an easy-melting alloy that would also melt the metal with only a small candle flame, and he succeeded.

Based on these two ideas, the company that still exists today was founded in 1900, and a few years later Erwin Perzy I was even honored by the Emperor for his work. His son, Erwin Perzy II, took over the production after the 2nd World War and started exporting to America, Canada and Australia. The business is now being continued by the 3rd and even 4th generation, and exports have been expanded to Japan and the Arab world too. Each snow globe is still made by hand today and is therefore as unique as a single snowflake.

In a cozy atmosphere in the more than 250-year-old company building, historical and current topics relating to snow globes are brought closer to you. On 50m 2 you can admire custom-made products, get an overview about the production of snow globes, gaze at Erwin Perzy’s I studio and be enchanted by a wealth of old and new snow globes. Afterwards you have the opportunity to choose your own small winter world in the adjoining sales room and take it home with you.