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Scheer shoe and leather craftsmanship

Craft. Orthopedics. Design.


The SCHEER world in the heart of Vienna is equally a testimony to history and the present. The tradition of shoemaking has been cultivated here since 1816 and, just like in the old days, the bespoke shoes are designed and manufactured entirely by hand. A maximum of 300 pairs of these unique pieces leave the manufactory every year. Even today, the former Imperial and Royal court- and chamber shoemaker is valued around the world, whose secrets of unique orthopedic knowledge and craftsmanship have been passed on from one to the next for seven generations now. The incomparable leather collection of the Scheer family is world famous too; the skins have been collected and saved for the last 200 years.


The history of the house is so intensely felt, such as time had stood still for the last 200 years. But the enthusiasm of the young craftsmen for the traditional profession of shoemaking can also be felt everywhere. The training lasts many years until they too finally become masters. The studio takes up the entire first floor of the SCHEER world. It smells of leather, the sounds of the old sewing machines combine rhythmically with the hammering, pinching and cutting of the leather, the stimulating conversations and the creaking of the old wooden floor have a cozy effect. Ambitious, honest and personal is the SCHEER craftsmanship that Markus Scheer and his team maintain until these days and that remains true to its principles.


A visit to the SCHEER world resemble to a journey of the senses: the unique architecture of the house, the exhibits on display that tell the story of the family company and numerous sounds and smells accompany you on a walk through the rooms of the studios and the museum. In recent years, Scheer has continuously expanded its premises and range of accessories, repair services, guided tours and SCHEER food – always with respect for the pioneering work of the past generations, which must not be forgotten. The current representative of the family, Markus Scheer, is both the keeper of a jewel and the designer of the new SCHEER world, which combines the expanded range with the tradition of the past.