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Viennese coffee house

The wealth of coffee varieties in Austria (and especially in Vienna) is unmatched by any other country – up to 40 varieties can be found on many a coffee house menu. Even ordering becomes a challenge that needs to be learned. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and the special flair of a traditional Viennese coffee house, where the waiter will still welcome you with “Madam” and “Sir”.

Apple strudel: Apple strudel was popular among Turkish field troops and so the treat ended up in Vienna at the end of the 17th century during the Turkish siege. The troops withdrew after a while, but the apple strudel stayed and took the Viennese hearts by storm. The oldest surviving recipe from 1696 is kept in the Vienna City Library. To this day, almost every family in Austria has an apple strudel recipe that has been passed down for generations and that they swear by. And just like that, every Viennese coffee house has “its” recipe – we reveal you one of the best.