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Viennese “Gemischter Satz”

Different locations in a small area characterize the wine-growing region of Vienna, vineyards on both sides of the Danube, each with different soils and climates, enable a varied, exquisite range of wines.  To work out the best growing areas in Vienna and thus to create wines with a particularly strong character is the aim of the Viennese winegrowers – powerful and spirited, fine and elegant, characterized by individuality and longevity.


What characterizes viticulture in urban living space? Natural agriculture characterized by sustainability, with a lot of manual work and respect for nature, and yet – or rather because of it – the highest quality are the values ​​that guide our winegrowers while doing their work. The result is a wide range of wines with a strong character that embody the specialty of the Viennese region. The produced wines are internationally successful and exported to all continents. The Viennese Gemischter Satz deserves special attention – a real Viennese classic, which has had DAC status and thus a protected designation of origin since 2013. Formerly degraded to a simple tap wine, it is experiencing its well-deserved comeback today.


In summary: quality-oriented work and exceptional wine conquer the world together! Would you like to taste? Wine lovers get their money’s worth with us, in addition to tastings and direct sales, we are also happy to organize tours through wine cellars, seminars, hikes through the vineyards and more.