Prag, Budapest & Bratislava

Pearls of the East

Hardly any other part of the continent harbors so many historic and imposing cities as Central Europe. Especially the pearls of the East Prague, Budapest and Bratislava will fascinate visitors from all over the world with their great variety.

The “golden city” of Prague with its picturesque winding streets and its historic old town is worth a visit in every season. Convince yourself of it and discover on your tour also Kutná Hora and Bratislava, which are on your way to the Danube metropolis Budapest, which attracts with a unique panorama and a very special charm.

Budapest is also often referred to as the “Paris of the East”. The beautiful, protected by UNESCO monuments and palaces show the classic side of this historic city. The newly renovated, friendly walkways, modern and contemporary galleries and buildings, public spaces and parks give the city a modern flair, where numerous small cafes, characteristic wine bars and innovative restaurants invite to stroll and linger.

The picturesque Bratislava compliments the pearls of the East and invites its visitors to stroll and admire. In the Slovak capital, modern architecture meets historical icons! The old town of Bratislava is one of the most beautiful inner cities in Europe. In the cobbled, medieval streets, you will find magnificent 18th-century palaces and the legendary 13th-century Michaeler Tor.


Prague – city of poets and scholars, of musicians and connoisseurs – from Mozart to Dvorak and from Werfel to Kafka. They have all influenced the “Golden City” or the “City of one hundred towers” in their respective way. Prague’s history dates back over 1,000 years and, unlike other European cities, the always preserved ancient cityscape of this metropolis conveys a sense of life, that one usually keeps searching for in other European cities – always accompanied by a little bit of melancholy. The breath-taking view of the glistening water of the river Vltava with the famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle high above the city, speak for themselves. The centre of Prague is characterized by a wide range of buildings of all architectural styles – Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Classicist and modern buildings. This exactly makes Prague a Mecca for painters and photographers. Winding medieval alleys like the Golden Lane invite to take a stroll through centuries and a boat ride on the river Vltava makes a stay in Prague unforgettable.

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Budapest has succeeded in preserving its soul, even though the city has been rapidly modernised in the recent years. The river Danube dominates Budapest’s cityscape and with its unique panorama of impressive buildings along the riverbank contributes to the beauty of Hungary’s capital. Budapest is the outcome of two merging city parts – “Buda”, the right mountainous riverside and “Pest”, the plane left side. Once belonging to the Dual-Monarchy Austria-Hungary, Budapest acquired a lot from the former capital Vienna – both in terms of lifestyle as well as in terms of architecture. The historic castle district, Boulevard Andássy út – the “Pest Broadway” or the fifth district with its vibrant nightlife give the city its extraordinary charm. Experience a city full of culture, music and sightseeing and treat yourself with a relaxing day at one of Budapest’s numerous Thermal baths, 120 in total – another feature of the pearl on the Danube!

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Bratislava is the only capital in the world that borders three sovereign states – Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

An irresistible old town charm, fine restaurants, traditional pubs, good music from jazz to opera and a humane grandeur, all with Europe’s largest river
Bratislava is a popular destination as a backdrop. Bratislava’s city center, also referred to as the “only big restaurant”, is dotted with restaurants, cafés, bars and pubs, and in between there are designer fashion shops, jewelery, books and souvenirs.

Bratislava is rightly called the city of music. Well-known pop groups often give concerts, while the Slovak Philharmonic and the opera and ballet ensembles of the Slovak National Theater regularly perform world-class performances.

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