Heritage collection

Here at Mondial, we know our country, our culture – our “Heritage”. We want to share this with mindful and attentive guests and immerse them in a historic world full of wonders and surprises.
Austria is country literally brimming with history and tradition. In modern times where nothing seems to stand still, reflecting on our heritage and customs can convey a sense of calm and stability.
Traditions which have stood the test of time can be found in a number of areas today in Austria, whether it be in cultural, handcraft or culinary settings and what we produce here reflects our values, our way of life and our past. Although a major emphasis is placed on preserving the tried and tested for future generations, changes do still occur in our methods, albeit carefully and with a great degree caution. Sustainable and unique goods, characterized by a high recognition value.


Wiener Schnitzel self-made

The “Wiener Schnitzel” is one of Austria's typical national dishes and the people's favorite - but not all schnitzel are the same! As with cooking in general, the same applies here: It's not difficult, you can just do a lot wrong.

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Imperial Torte

An emperor, a kitchen boy, a recipe - the secret of the Imperial Torte has been guarded and preserved since 1873 and continues to delight the guests of the Hotel Imperial in Vienna every day. Handmade layer by layer with attention to detail, and in its characteristic square shape, the imperial master confection is a treat that stands for the tradition and culture of Vienna and wants to whisk you away to the imperial Vienna in 1873.

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Viennese “Gemischter Satz”

Viennese Gemischter Satz - comeback of a Viennese classic! Experience the diversity of Vienna in just one glass of wine. For this specialty, at least 3, but often up to 20 different grape varieties are planted in a colorful mixture in the vineyard, harvested at the same time and processed together. That's the secret of success for this traditional and extraordinary white wine, because the different aromas and the subtle interplay of the different grape varieties create a unique complexity. Light and fruity, balanced, aromatic, full-bodied to powerful and complex-intensive, the Viennese Gemischter Satz reflects a piece of the identity of the wine city of Vienna, as diverse as Viennese culture.

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Viennese coffee house

The Viennese coffee house is a typical Viennese institution that is still an important part of Viennese tradition. The Viennese coffee house culture has been part of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO since 2011. Visit the oldest Viennese coffee house that is still in operation today. Once upon a time, even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven used to spoil their guests here with table music.

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Original Viennese Snow Globes

In one of the old suburban houses of Hernals, one of the outskirts of Vienna, you will find the home of the original Viennese snow globes. Around 200,000 pieces are manufactured here every year and supplied to customers all over the world. The owner of the company, Erwin Perzy III, is always discovering new subjects for his creations and is passionate about what he does - a passionate inventor like his grandfather, the inventor of the Viennese snow globe. The recipe for making the artificial snow is of course a well-guarded family secret.

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Viennese Candies

Handmade moments of happiness, the best ingredients and centuries-old recipes that go back to 1890! That's what the "Wiener Zuckerlwerkstatt" promises. 150 years ago, the Austrian confectioners understood to get along with the production of sweets in the most different variations. One more reason to revive the old tradition and long-forgotten types of candy, live in a public manufacturing right in the heart of Vienna. After all, Vienna is not only known for its cultural diversity and magnificent architecture, but also for the centuries-old tradition of manufacturing confectionery.

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Scheer shoe and leather craftsmanship

Join us on a journey through a company with a long family tradition and that is unique in the world. For seven generations at the top of his craft and one of Vienna's most beautiful production sites in the heart of the 1st district. You will immerse yourself with all your senses in the aura of a former K. u. K. purveyor to the court and the high art of 200 years of bespoke shoe and leather craftsmanship. Your journey takes you through the background noise of a workshop where custom-made products are still made purely by hand and where tradition and modernity interact strongly. They collect tactile and olfactory impressions in the leather warehouse, the stocks of which are traded as a great treasure of the company. Discover the SCHEER world!

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Egon Schiele

No artist in Vienna around 1900 was as intensely concerned with the depiction of his own face, his own body, his own personality as Egon Schiele (1890-1918). As a result, his name became synonymous with Viennese Modernism as a visual manifestation of one of its central themes: the crisis of the individual. The "Self-Portrait with Lantern Fruits" from 1912 is one of Schiele's best-known works today and shows the artist on the peak of his creativity. Discover the entire oeuvre of this exceptional artist from his first works to his late artistic phase.

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On the trail of Sigmund Freud

Who doesn't know it: "Dream Psychology: The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud, published in 1900. One of his groundbreaking works in which he proved that every dream contains unconscious desires. Univ.-Prof. dr Sigmund Freud, neurologist, psychoanalyst. The founder of psychoanalysis and depth psychology. Since then, we know that there is something unconscious in the human soul that is responsible for our actions. He is still considered one of the most influential and important thinkers of the 20th century.

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Gustav Klimt

It is often seen in our modern pop culture and is the object of affection for many. It shows the passionate affection between two lovers wrapped in a golden cocoon. You probably know this famous painting. It is none other than "The Kiss" (1907 to 1908) by Gustav Klimt. We'll take a closer look at this artist - from his birth to his status as one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.

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