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Experience Austria consciously and sustainably – we know how!

Discover the beauty of Austria in an eco-friendly and sustainable way with our tailor-made group tours!

We are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel for sustainable travel offers and as a leading provider of sustainable tourism in Austria, we invite you to experience the breathtaking nature, rich culture and warm hospitality of our country in a responsible way. Including these sustainable components:

  • Arrival and departure by climate-friendly means of transportation (bus, train)
  • The accommodation on offer either already has environmental certification or meets sufficient environmental criteria
  • Resource-conserving activities and experiences on site, authentic and regional
  • Regional cuisine
  • Your feedback – because this also checks whether the Ecolabel criteria are actually being met
  • On request, we can also certify your individual group trip – so you can convince all your stakeholders of your commitment to sustainability


We plan and design your “green” trip full service from A-Z. Because it is important to live sustainability in all areas. We work closely with eco-certified properties that promote sustainable practices and green initiatives. This includes waste avoidance, a sophisticated waste concept, use of solar energy, cooperation with regional productions/manufacturers,…
Immerse yourself in local culture and support local communities through authentic experiences, such as cooking classes using locally sourced ingredients or craft workshops with local artists. We value environmentally friendly means of transport such as public transport (train, bus, etc.), bicycles or electric cars in order to minimize CO2 emissions.

During our experiences we guide you through untouched natural landscapes and ecosystems that are worthy of protection. If requested, we can also compensate for CO2 emissions by supporting reforestation and renewable energy projects.

The program and routes are flexible – we offer tailor-made group trips to suit your needs and interests, from active mountain holidays to cultural city breaks. We value open and honest communication, both during planning and during the trip, to ensure our guests are fully informed about our sustainable practices.
Experience unforgettable moments in the untouched nature of Austria while at the same time making a positive contribution to protecting our environment.
Book your sustainable group trip to Austria today and join us in leaving a green footprint in this beautiful destination!

On request, we can also certify your individual group trip – so you can convince all your stakeholders of your commitment to sustainability.

We´re looking forward to your inquiry:

Wolfgang Lackner
Managing Director Mondial Destination Management