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Viennese Candies

Most of us only bring back good memories from our travels, but Maria Scholz and Christian Mayer were enchanted and inspired by a small candy factory and its delicacies during a holiday through northern Europe. They dreamed to also dedicate themselves to the production of small, sweet treats in the future. Back home, Maria and Christian put the idea into practice only a short time later and actually learned this craftsmanship from the last masters of this unfortunately forgotten Austrian tradition.

The two company founders traveled all over the world in search of teachers, but – how could it otherwise be – they found what they were looking for in Austria itself. Amongst others they also met Fritz W. Heller here, the last owner of the traditional Viennese company, the legendary Heller candy factory where the Original Viennese candy was once invented. He entrusted them the original catalogs and recipes of long-forgotten sweets, and a piece of Austrian history was brought back into life. Maria and Christian revive the traditional craft in their candy workshop. All variations of sweets are produced in their public manufactory with a lot of enthusiasm and care according to old recipes that go back to 1890 and a 150-year-old craft technique. Old types of candy such as silk candies and cracked almonds, motif candies and flower skirts, candy canes, fruit jellies, roller candies and lollipops will take you into a world of sweet smells and unique tastes.

You can taste good craftsmanship, which is why the two candy makers and their employees are fully committed to the sweetest thing in the world every day: making candy. Cooked, mixed, pulled, stirred, shaped and cut by hand, each candy is entirely unique. Manufacturing high-quality sweets does not just begin with production, but with the origin of the ingredients and packaging. The candy workshop is mostly supplied with raw materials from selected suppliers in Austria. When it comes to the ingredients of their sweets, they look very closely – only the best and finest ingredients that ultimately make the finished sweets what they are: small, handmade moments of happiness.

In the Viennese sugar workshop you can immerse yourself in the secrets of candy production, experience the traditional Austrian candy craftsmanship close up and, on top of that, take the freshly produced delicacies home with you.