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The Austrian Taste

A new concept to present you the best of Austrian cuisine in small portions. A 4-course menu with 12 different dishes awaits you. Of course we also provide a wine and/or beer accompaniment. Look forward to an evening with new friends! The Austrian Taste is located in an old monastery cellar owned by the Abbey Melk in the centre of Vienna. In a private cellar you will spend a nice evening with the classics of Austrian cuisine. The tables can accommodate up to 22 guests, and this atmosphere makes it easy to interact with other travellers. Start the evening with an aperitif and mark your place of origin on the large world map. We present you all the products that are relevant to learn everything about our kitchen. Austria is known for its cuisine and this menu takes you through the most famous dishes, yet there may be something new for you. Of course we will describe our wine selection in detail and recommend it to our courts. Also for guests who prefer beer is taken care of.